Thank you for choosing Forks Community Hospital for your medical needs! Forks Community Hospital is committed to transparency, and in accordance with CMS regulations, we are providing here our Chargemaster list with our full upfront charge. Please click the link here to download our full Chargemaster list.

The Chargemaster is a list of all of our charge items and their full list price. The Chargemaster price is not the final amount that a patient will pay. Government payors, such as Medicare and Medicaid, have their own pricing methodologies, while Commercial payors have contractual arrangements with the Hospital that determine the final amount paid by the insurance carrier and the patient.

As a patient, your specific insurance plan deductible and co-insurance will determine what your final out-of-pocket costs are. To get a complete understanding of your out-of-pocket costs, it is best to contact your insurance carrier. Forks Community Hospital is also here to help you, if you have questions regarding this and want to understand what you will have to pay, please contact Starla Daman in Patient Financial Services at 360-374-6271 Ext. 295.

We will make every effort to provide you with accurate information on your costs for treatment at Forks Community Hospital, however, please be aware that our staff in Patient Financial Services cannot make a medical diagnosis or determine the exact charge item ahead of time; that can only be done by a clinical professional at the time of service.

Thank you again for choosing Forks Community Hospital!