For more information please contact the Imaging Department:

(360) 374-6271 ext 166
Fax: (360) 374-6084

Outpatient walk-ins Monday-Friday, 7AM-11PM
(limited staff after 5PM, call beforehand to assure staff availability for your exam)
24/7 on-call for emergencies.
What is X-Ray Imaging?

X-Ray imaging is a non-invasive exam that involves low levels of radiation. An x-ray beam is used to produce images of various parts of your body. All of our x-ray machines acquire digital imaging.

You can walk-in anytime for your outpatient x-ray exam as long as we have an order from your provider. Stop by the Admitting desk to check in first.

We provide all general x-ray procedures including orthopedic, trauma, pediatric, portable, and imaging in the operating room.

Our fluoroscopic (live x-ray) exams include:


Upper GI (gastrointestinal)

Small Bowell Follow Through (SBFT)

Barium Enema

Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

Operating Room Exams (Laparoscopic Cholangiogram, Orthopedic, etc )

Many of these fluoroscopic studies require you to be fasting. You may have to drink barium contrast during your exam. Contact the radiology department for complete instructions.